Generative Art Collection, 2022
Artwork Details
Editions: 512 1/1's
Medium: Generative token
Available As: NFT (Tezos) @fx(hash)
Keywords: generative, algorithmic, p5js, abstract, geometry
Project Overview
A generative algorithm designed to produce intrincate patterns and textures. It draws vertical lines on a digital canvas using 12 color palettes and 3 orientation modes.
Initial mints sold out. Check availability on secondary market
Project Inspiration
"Routines, patterns, cadence.
Events, turns, chaos.
Predictable lives,
split-second dramas."
May 2022
This project was inspired by the delicate balance between daily habits and life-turning points.

"Rhythms" invites you to reflect on the beautiful complexity that fills our vital experience, on the millions of tiny details that bring texture to our journey causing balance or disruption.

There's structure in the flow. There's awe in the silence.