Generative Art Collection, 2022
Artwork Details
Editions: 76 1/1's
Medium: Generative token
Available As: NFT (Tezos) @fx(hash)
Keywords: generative, algorithmic, p5js, abstract, geometry
Project Overview
A collection of abstract paintings generated algorithmically. Each piece evokes an individual entity with its own unique traits and its shared commonality with the rest. The program draws random shapes and colors within constrained boundaries using 12 color palettes, 3 layout modes and various levels of symmetry.
Initial mints sold out. Check availability on secondary market
Project Inspiration
Human beings, individuality, community. Celebration of diversity, character, boldness.
June 2022
Made of the same fundamental matter, instincts and drives.
The same basic frailties, hopes and dreams.

Meanwhile, we manage to shine in our own way.
We build our own voice, particular, unrepeatable.
We cast a light, and a shadow, just like no other.

Swinging between these two realities we dance, playing the game of joining and splitting.

"ÉSSERS" attempts to suggest and evocate this dynamic equilibrium.
Basic colors, shapes and compositions that, despite being fundamentally the same, reclaim their distinctive identity and temperament.